1) Cam Scanner:

cam scanner

Cam Scanner is the best Document and the Image scanner android application. It is free and you can download it from playstore. It has a lot of features and is certainly the must have application.

2) Picsart:


This is a image editing Application. It is the best featured application and has all that you want if you edit the images a lot.

3) KineMaster:


KineMaster is video editing software. It is one of the best available there. I have used it myself and it is a very best option video editing application if you are editing videos on your android mobile.

4) Google Pay:

google pay

Google is the best wallet. It gives you scratch coupon rewards for doing recharge or paying bills which other wallet applications don't give you. It is a good app to have.

5) Firefox Browser:


It is a very good browser and the very efficient one. It is also one of the must have applications for android.