Our hands can reveal a lot about our personality, and even the shape of our thumb carries aspects that determine how we relate to the world. This finger is unique because it has two phalanges and not three; in addition, it is fundamental to pick up objects, to write and is what sets us apart from other animals.

We have discovered that the thumb reveals a lot about our personality. Check the image below, find your thumb type and see description below.

1. Type A thumb

If the two thumb phalanges are the same, you are a balanced person who always seeks harmony and peace. People with this type of thumb are usually calm and good at talking and teaching; moreover, their knowledge is evidenced by their way of life .

There are many friends and family members around who need your attention or good advice. This is because you always show great empathy for all of them.

2. Type B thumb

If the first part of your thumb is longer than the second, then you are a perfectionist. You love exploring new ideas and you're never satisfied. Everything should be perfect and be in order.

Sometimes you get overwhelmed by an idea, but you always find a way to make it work. People respect your honesty a lot.

3. C-type thumb

If the bottom of your thumb is larger than the top, you are a hard worker. Life, for you, is not easy, but you always overcome any obstacle and always find the good side of everything . People with this kind of thumb are trustworthy and intelligent.

Your ideas are always clear and you do not get confused, so people rely on you to do any kind of work.

4. Flexible thumb

People with a flexible thumb are more expressive and emotional than those with a straight thumb. This format is called the highway thumb . If this is your case, you tend to adapt easily to the new circumstances.

You are very creative and love art. People with a flexible thumb are open to the world and are often very curious. Your mind always finds interesting ways to solve problems and accomplish goals.

5. Thumb Straight

If you put your thumb up and he's straight, you're probably a determined person who likes to boss. Some people may think you are a person without emotion, but this does not influence the confidence that people feel about you.

Sometimes people can try to take advantage of your goodwill, but in general you know how to analyze your interlocutors very well and always make the right decision not to get hurt.