There are many ways to make money online, and the problem to become successful in this area is because of the dedication that we miss while we decided to do something.

make money through online

It's also important to try every smart legal and genuine ways to reach the goal.


For example, if you start a blog and if its become popular doest mean you earn a lot, in meantime you need to setup a Google Adsense account. Even Adsense wont be approved easiy there are some criteria's like your website need to be 6 months old, it should maintain quality and common medium of language for viewers

2. Video Uploading

Youtube is now days mandatory platform for every individuals because of the informative videos and entertaining contents. Even Youtube wont allow easily to make money. It say that you should have a minimum number of subscribers and a minimum watch hours 12month wise.

Facebook is a good platform too for uploading video contents because it allows you to earn through ads now days.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate commission based marketing is common now days, there are amazon, flipkart all appreciate users to do so after creating a separate account. Even hotels and travel booking websites also allow users to handle affiliate account for more bookings.

All these stuffs need dedication, quality and regular updates to get more commission or earnings.