Pamban Island

This Island is also known as Rameswaram Island It is located between peninsular India and Sri Lanka. The island is a part of India. It is the largest island in Tamil Nadu.You must go there once in a life.The train line goes in a thin line on Rameswaram Bridge. The bridge has a opening. When ship comes it opens up to give space . When train goes it connects itself. Imagine how dangerous it is to cross the bridge.

Pamban Island spreads for around 30 km in width. It is to the west of Dhanuskodi.You can catch the train in Rameswaram. You will get awestruck adventurous taste from it. Your sensation will get ice freezing over this bridge.

See the night view of the bridge. The calm sea under the bridge looks tamed by the bridge. The lamp lit bridge in the night looks like black dog in the vast sea.

Both the truck bridge and the train line lie parallel.The height of truck line on the bridge is higher than the rail bridge. Look how small the rail bridge looks. Imagine how it will be when you are so near the sea in the brink full of blue water.

Here is the image of running train on the Pamban Island Bridge. See how depth has the sea . The deep see looks tamed under the bridge.The train proudly cross the dangerous sea.